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Zeeman effect with electromagnet

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Experiment Type: Teacher Experiment, Laboratory Experiment

Brand: PHYWE

Model: Item no: P2511005

Product Description:


The “Zeeman effect” is the splitting up of the spectral lines of atoms within a magnetic field. The simplest is the splitting up of one spectral line into three components called the “normal Zeeman effect”. In this experiment the normal Zeeman effect as well as the anomalous Zeeman effect are studied using a cadmium spectral lamp as a specimen. The cadmium lamp is submitted to different magnetic flux densities and the splitting up of the cadmium lines (normal Zeeman effect 643.8 nm, red light; anomalous Zeeman effect 508,6nm, green light) is investigated using a Fabry-Perot interferometer. The evaluation of the results leads to a fairly precise value for Bohr’s magneton.

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