Jaguar Primary School Challenge

Booth No.: B01

Product Description:

The Jaguar Primary School Challenge engages with primary schools students and teachers across the UK.

The challenge is open to students aged 5-11 years old and involves designing and manufacturing the fastest car possible, emulating the design and engineering processes employed by real engineering companies, such as Jaguar Cars. Students are challenged to form a team of 4 pupils and design a race car out of 160g/m² card, complete with wheels, body and even a mini driver.

They will design and manufacture a body shell to fit a standard chassis using template software before printing/cutting their designs on to card and then making their car ready to race.

The Jaguar Primary School Challenge is sponsored and supported by Jaguar Cars, who have been a supporter of F1 in Schools since its launch in 2000. Jaguar understands the need to encourage and motivate young people to develop key skills needed for companies such as Jaguar to be successful in producing award-winning vehicles.