HOPE Curriculum and Activities Course-books

HOPE Curriculum and Activities Course-books

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Product Description:

This curriculum is described as the HOPE curriculum framework. The acronym HOPE, stands for Happiness, Optimism, Perseverance and Excellence.

  • It provides holistic view of children’s learning.
  • It is informed by multiple dimensions of children’s learning.
  • It is based on play, child and family perspectives
  • It recognizes culture as fundamental to learning.
  • It contains ideas about critical thinking, risk-taking, curiosity and standard for quality practice.
  • It links to the philosophy of self-sufficiency. It is not country specific and can be adapted and used by any country.

The HOPE Curriculum and activities course-books for kindergartens consist of 2 main parts: 1. Teacher guidelines/Manuals 2. Pupil’s course-books (English workbook level 1-6, Mathematics workbook level 1-6, Science workbook level 1-3, Pupil’s portfolio, Homework pockets).

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