HiTeach Smarter Teaching System

HiTeach Smarter Teaching System

Booth No. E09

Model: HiTeach IRS/ TBL/ Pro/ Mobile/ Premium

Award/Trophy Taiwan Excellence 2011, BC Award 2011, 2014 ICT Month Innovative Elite

Product Description:

HiTeach is comprehensive teaching software which integrates cloud service and all devices in modern classroom to increase teaching efficiency.


– Integrates interactive whiteboard, document camera, mobile apps, IRS and student tablets into one system.

– Real-time student response analysis helping teacher understand students’ learning situation.

– Multi-interaction tools engage students into classroom, such as quiz, pick-out and toss-up.

– Auto-records classroom teaching interactions and student response analysis data into cloud server, generating learning diagnostic reports to personalize remediation resources.

– Connect AI Sokrates uses AI to analysis teaching behaviors, which help teachers to accelerate professional development.

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