Automatic Production line


Model: YL-235A, YL-335B

Country: China

Product Description:

YL-335B automatic production line training equipment is composed of feeding unit, processing unit, assembly unit, transmission unit and sorting unit. The electrical layout is in double-drawer patterns, all electrical controllers are installed on the drawers, in accordance with the real industrial patterns.

On the equipment, each unit is an independent system, as well as an electromechanical system. Each unit is mainly a pneumatic execution unit, but the transfer unit mechanical arm movement is driven by servomotor, with precise position control, the drive system has a long travel, with one-dimension position control system. The distribution unit belt drive adopts general frequency converter drive 3-phase asynchronous motor AC transmission. The position control and frequency converter technology is the most widely used electrical control technology in modern industry.

On YL-335B, there are many types of sensors, used to detect materials movement positions, status, colors and natures. The sensor technology is a key technology in electromechanical technology for modern industrial automation.

In the control, YL-335B adopts RS485 PLC network control mode, that is to say, each unit has a PLC to its control task, each PLC communication with each other by RS485 serial ports for distribution control. The users can select various PLCs and the related RS485 communication modes according to actual requirements, to compose a small PLC network. The small PLC network has simple structure and low cost, and is widely used in the small automatic production lines, occupies a large share in modern industrial network communication.

Furthermore, with RS485 serial communication PLC network technology, the students can learn field bus technology, industrial Ethernet technology in the future.

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