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2021 Online Workshop Academy

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2020 Workshops and Webinars

Why Smart Grids are smart?

Why Wind and Solar and BioEnergy etc. have the same source of energy?

Why the green energy revolution is a booster for the labour market?

Let’s hear and share with the two renowned speakers!

Future is made in Finland

Webinar series: Future is Made in Finland!
Episode VII: Future is Female – Discussions with Women in Science & Tech
December 9, 2020 at 6 pm Thailand time

We live in an era of artificial intelligence and quantum computing. These technologies will transform our everyday life, our future. But who is creating these technologies, shaping the future?

To truly make technology serve all of us, not just narrow economic interests, but a variety of needs, sustainability and security, we need diverse voices, skills and views.

However, only a minority of people developing these transformative technologies are women. A growing number of women are enrolling in universities all over the world, but women do not progress as far as men in their careers, and are still paid less for the same work. Family decisions, financial considerations, workplace cultures and discrimination can shape careers profoundly.

Finland is one of the leading countries in the world in gender equality. But we too can still improve. We need to lead the discussion for more diversity, inclusion and equity to the society, and hence, to the world of science and technology.

In the Episode VII of this webinar series we will host a discussion with some truly inspiring scientists, leaders, innovators, investors and role models. Join us and get inspired by their stories, their lives and careers, and learn what Finland offers for women, and what it can offer for you.

Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020
Topic: What Makes Finland a Leading Education Nation?
Time: 10.00-12.00 hrs.

Hei! Why Finland?

Why this country is one of the best places for traveling for leisure or study? Why we always feel ‘WoW’ when talking about Finland!

You are invited to meet the Gurus of Finnish tourism and education who will share their views and experiences on various topics; study guidelines, long stay or a fun trip for the whole family or even a summer or winter camp in Finland for the kids!

As we know, the country is known to be the happiest and best education in the world, we guarantee you will enjoy the session!

Episode 6

Webinar series: Future is Made in Finland!
Episode VI: Design it Yourself!
November 17, 2020 at 5 pm Thailand time

Is creativity something we are born with or can it be learnt? Did you know that empathy is a key element of creativity?

Truly transformative innovation and creativity take place, when several skillsets and many types of innovative people come together. Interestingly, one of the most powerful tools for creativity is empathy – the ability to understand others, to find out who they are, what they need, and what you have to do to make their life better.

Empathy is in the core of design-thinking, the art of creating organic and user friendly solutions to problems, no matter how tiny or immense they are. In Finland, we believe that future can be made, designed.

Join Episode VI of the webinar series to dive into one of the most interesting communities of game changers in the world – of scientists, artists and engineers in Finland. The episode is facilitated by Aalto University. Explore and find your path to Aalto and Finland through studies, research or cooperation.

Meet The Executive from Maptaphut Technical College to share and exchange the innovative teaching and learning management in The New Normal through project based learning + STEM education under the process of design thinking via FabLab, enabling students to create careers or their own start up projects in the future.


Future is Made in Finland Episode V: GET REAL, AI

Complexity of the world challenges the capacity of human beings. To take us further in understand our world and building a better future, we need help form AI. Turn in to a learn what you can do in Finland to create real AI for real people.

Future is Made in Finland Episode III

How does the science of photonics and imaging revolutionize industries such as communication, healthcare, energy production and manufacturing?

Join this webinar to learn more of this transformative field.

past workshop

Webinar series: Future is Made in Finland!
Episode II: Bioeconomy Defines the Future

Every day we get food, pharmaceuticals, construction materials and recreation from the nature, the ecosystem, around us. But do we understand the fundamentals of ecosystem services – services, which the Mother Nature provides us? How efficiently do we utilize these services, and how sustainable are our actions?

episode 1 future is made in finland

Webinar series: Future is Made in Finland!

If you are a student, a researcher, an innovator, a start-up entrepreneur, a curious mind, join us in these webinars and learn more about Finland, how to study, research, work and cooperate in Finland and how to create the future. Your Future?


Finland, one of the constant top countries in global rankings of innovation, education and happiness, invites you to join the party: to co-create the future. We explore the future in seven amazing episodes illuminating the ways how the globe is changing and challenged, and how science in one of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems in Finland is taking us through the challenges. How do transformative technologies like AI, 6G, photonics, imaging, circular economy, co-creation and design-thinking with diversity shape our joint destiny – and how to be part of that?

international teacher meetup

Many thanks to Principal Christina Chan and Mr. Castaneda, Head of ICT from Siam Singapore International School, Bangkok for the 1st International School Meet up. Both have shared best practices on how well the school could organise their own online learning portal as well as their support to parents and students during online learning at home, assignments and other special activities in virtual classrooms!


The innovative “PHONICS ENG-THAI” by AKA Home School provides the basis for learning English! It also create fun time in the class or family during the practice. Prove it yourself!

26 sep online workshop

Many thanks to Dr. Supoet Srinutapong of Microsoft Thailand who has shared how to create motion graphic or animated graphics. It was so much fun when we can change the original text to an interesting story with a simple Microsoft PowerPoint program. We believe this workshop will give you a powerful tool to communicate with the class while it can also help the students to understand the lessons better!

We also would like to thank Asst. Prof. Dr. Sakol Teeravarunyou for your kind support, as always!

poster adotping best practices workshop

Thank you for your active participation in our Worlddidac Workshop last Saturday! Please have a look at our concepts on our website at www.heischools.com.

As discussed during the Workshop, we are launching a HEI Schools Teacher Certificate Program on September 15.

Teachers all over the world can be certified in Finnish early childhood education and care by joining our HEI Schools Teacher Certificate Program, which has been developed together with the University of Helsinki. The program includes 10 modules and takes about 12 months to complete. The price of this very comprehensive digital program is 500€ per teacher. You can now register to the program through the link below and get a 5% discount by using the code WORLDDIDAC.

Should you wish to arrange 1-on-1 meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Heikki at heikki.vartia@heischools.com.

Should you be interested, please feel free to contact Mr. Heikki Vartia!

finland top education system

Finland’s education system is regarded as one of the best in the world.

If you miss our session last week, here’s the VDO clip and you would be surprised that we can adopt Finnish best practices in early childhood education in our schools too!

adopting best partices workshop

Finland’s education system is regarded as one of the best in the world.

If you miss our session last week, here’s the VDO clip and you would be surprised that we can adopt Finnish best practices in early childhood education in our schools too!

teachers council of thailand

Many thanks to Khurusapha (The Teachers’ Council of Thailand) and Teachers team from Chevron Enjoy Science project who have shared with us how to approach low performing students using visible methodologies. We really enjoyed the session!


Many thanks to Khurusapha (The Teachers’ Council of Thailand) and Teachers team from Chevron Enjoy Science project. We really enjoy the session!

The COVID-19 outbreak impacts not only our health, lives and economies, but also the education sector. Worlddidac Asia team would like to thank Director Kittipong and his Deputy Directors from Rayong Polytechnic College who shared teaching and learning management solutions during this unprecedented time!

Many thanks to Archan Witoon Soongkitboon or Sensei Pae, best seller book writer who showed us how to ‘Change the difficult lesson to a simple one with one page paper’. This is so amazing.



Meet toy designer family – TAKSA TOYS who has shared the story of each toy and how they develop the children’s skills in the disruption age yet with fun and creativity.

past workshop

Learn from one of the best.

We are honoured to have teachers from Plearnpattana School who shared with us an enlightening discussion on how they follow their passions and build a learning community through problem-based learning projects to support their students’ competency in this digital age.

The Teachers’ Council of Thailand and Worlddidac Asia proudly presented the first session of Online Academy – Inspiration Matters with inspiring talks by Idol Teachers. Learn how they develop students’ competency, and measurement towards the New Normal.

workshop passed events

Our team would like to thank Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chailerd Pichitpornchai, M.D., Director of Institute for Innovative Learning, Mahidol University, who is specialized for cognitive neuroscience in learning and memory using Event-Related Potential.

We believe everyone of us enjoyed his lesson as we do not only understand our own learning style but also develop the logical thinking in the meantime.

Online workshop

Our team would like to thank Teacher Bee Sasiwimon Sukonrat from Hatyai Technical College who has shared how learn English with songs as well as techniques using cutting-edge technology such as Podcast and Flipgrid in teaching English in the digital age.

adopting best practices

The fist session of our Adopting Best Practices with Mr. Goh Boon Leong, an education guru who has extensive teaching experience in working with both private and public educational institutes in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

As we know, the first step of getting into digital world is creating a digital mindset! It is exciting to learn from his session benefit from this crisis and bring the best out of every student!

Thinking of Trigonometry, Thinking of Games!

Asia Didac Online Workshop Academy would like to extend our appreciation to Dr. Naraphol Deechuay from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi for sharing ‘Learn to code by making games’. Now we know what kind of classroom promotes students’ learning. We also learn how to engage students by making games starting from a simple game to a more challenging one!

online workshop surapon

Many thanks to Assoc. Professor Dr. Surapon Boonlue from KMUTT, an AECT Presidential awarded teacher who has shared with us how to use ‘Moodle’ for vocational education management. 

As we know, education now has changed – we can learn from anytime anywhere from any tool so we have to prepare our student for a lifelong learning. In his session, we can use Moodle in learning and teaching management by creating our own online academic school or online class in our specialized field. 

Enjoy watching this VDO and create your own class. Should you like to have English subtitle, please go to setting on the top right and select caption ‘Thai’. 

Online workshop

Worlddidac Asia team would like to thank Dr. Vorasuang Duangchinda and his coach team from Sripatum University for sharing how to create amazing design by Canva App.

Link to register Canva and get 1 Credit: http://bit.ly/canva_regis

Slides during workshop: https://bit.ly/39uKpjQ

digital tools workshop

Worlddidac Asia team would like to thank Dr. Chutiwat Suwatthipong, from Sukhothai Thamathirat Open University, an expert in digital learning who shared his fun experience using digital tools to evaluate student performance!

Dr. Chutiwat together with his fellow teachers have kindly shared many innovative digital tools for classroom which foster responsibility, relationships, and fun. Click here to start learning about them!