Moodle is the world’s largest e-learning platform and the most used LMS at universities in Japan and Europe. It supports face-to-face classes, practical classes, online classes, etc. By centrally managing all learning, you can expect to reduce the labor of teachers and realize a high educational effect.

By using Moodle, teachers can create and provide educational content such as courses, online meetings, video distribution, and PowerPoint with just a click, drag and drop. They can use many functions necessary for learning management such as attendance management, test, report submission, scoring evaluation. Moodle is also supported multilingual support, MFA, and GDPR to meet the needs of the global era. It can be seamlessly linked with various platforms and systems as well as their own systems of school.

Since it is OSS (Open Source Software), it is possible to introduce it on the customer side, but simply introducing the system will only increase the burden on the teachers, and it is difficult to operate with a high educational effect. Only when engineers with specialized knowledge and know-how of OS, network, and Moodle build the optimum system that meets the needs of each university and continue to support after the introduction, the original power of Moodle will be demonstrated.

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