Distributor Club Asia

Join us at Distributor Club Asia Networking

Wednesday 9th October 2019 | 2.00 – 3.00 pm

This Networking is exclusively for Owner / CEO & Senior Management participating companies at Worlddidac Asia, our group of distributors club founding members and inviting distributors, sole agents, service providers from local education sector and worldwide.

Participating will receive
* Invitation letter & program (limited to 30 copies)
* An access to VIP longue for 3 days
* A complimentary color photo
* 10% discount on raw space for exhibition booking at Worlddidac Asia 2020 (reserved space at sales office within 9-11 October 2019)

For registration and more information, please contact Nantarat (Milk) at [email protected] or Tel: +66 84 004 1147
Registration is closed by 30 September

Distributor Club Asia Activities & Benefits

Worlddidac Asia is honoured to be able to collaborate with a group of distributors. Holding hands together, as its founding members, we created– Distributor Club Asia with the objective to improve education in Asia and the world by providing world-class educational resources in our countries. We aim to create the club and bring international trend, technology, information sharing in education sector.

The Distributor Club member is exclusively for distributor only. The Distributor Club Asia is founded in 2016 by 9 founding members from 7 countries; Philippines, Qatar, Thailand, India, Myanmar, Hong Kong, and UAE.

Within Worlddidac Asia network, we also have a list of distributors from ASEAN and other 19 countries around the world visiting the show every edition.

Benefit of being a member of Distributor Club Asia

  1. Annual In person networking of distributor group members at Worlddidac Asia.
  2. Get inside information of member group products, service and suppliers.
  3. Opportunity to meet new suppliers through the distributor members arrangements.
  4. Learn new developments, trends, opportunities, local barriers, taxes and import requirements in the group members countries.
  5. Get exclusive invites to Worlddidac events.
  6. Get exclusive invites to member group activities and international events.
  7. Be part of the exclusive distributor group chat for up to the minute information on activities, communication, assistance and networking activity.

Distributor Club Asia activities at the show


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