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STEM and Digital Connex EN

Today, as the 4th industrial revolution transforms the global landscape, the true goal of education is to inspire students with a lifelong capacity and passion for learning. It is at least as important that students be able to ask the right question as it is to know the right answer so they are prepared not simply with knowledge but with the skills and strategies they need to succeed in the real world, and will continue to learn throughout their lives.

As technology continuously evolves, so do our lives around it. In recent years education has been impacted significantly, in terms of both the teaching and learning experience, and this can be felt all the way from preschool to university. We’ve seen the introduction of laptops and tablets in the classroom, and a growing number of online courses. The technology has dramatically changed the way we access and circulate information.

Technology is playing a role in transforming education. Across the world, educators everywhere are proving that it can be done by anyone.

Join us and participate in dialogues about how one can make a different towards the Education at the Age of Disruption in this region.